Nishiibo earrings are all hand-designed and hand-crafted in Bali by a small team that believes in fair work, fair wages, and unique design. 


Founded by Georgie Fairman, Nishiibo began as a small shop on Etsy, intended to finance her life as a travelling single mum. Living in Goa at the time with her daughter Ruby (who is now Nishiibo's Creative Director), Georgie was inspired by indigenous and tribal antique jewellery and patterns in nature: sacred geometry, golden ratios, swirls, tesselations, irregularities, cracks, stripes, waves and folds. Each design is a powerful statement against mass-production and a celebration of unique creativity.


Nowadays we are permanently based in Bali where we work with a skilled local team. The designs themselves are processed through a small casting factory "Intan Sakti", who take our sample pieces to create the mould, before casting in brass or silver using a Balinese "lost wax" technique. Following this, our expert craftsman Mr Nyoman and his wife  do the hand-finishing of our designs with a small team of local artisans. And finally our beautiful assistant Septiyari deals with everything else from quality control to accounting and shipping our jewelry out to all our lovely customers. She is amazing! 


Our prices reflect our quality, our commitment to offering a fair wage to our workers, and our sustained ability to craft unique earrings for you from a place of joy, respect, and honour.