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Tribal Indian Ear Plugs

$269.00 Regular Price
$249.00Sale Price
  • These very old sterling silver ear plugs, are from Northern India a state called Rajasthan. They were made in the 1800's and have been worn by the last generation of tribal gypsy women, who all originally had stretched lobes. They would wear silver on their bodies for adornment but also as a way to keep their money, as they had no access to banks. These are a one of a kind pair, in perfect condition and a really beautiful size. Handmade by silversmiths they have a screw thread and so once they are on they are safe and sound. Very comfortable to wear and a good weight.

    Materials: Sterling Silver
    diameter of front 40mm
    diameter of back 18mm
    Gauge: From 8mm 5/16th. 0 Gauge
    Weight: 16gr each

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